EV2-MM59 retail price:
– Frame, lights with 1 case
– Est. weight 150 pounds
– Truss color (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
– In-wall monitor mount, accommodates up to 42″w monitor. Height is not adjustable, position may vary based on your model – (2 included)
– Main graphic with dramatic silhouette lighting at bottom edge (light is LED adjustable color)
– “EV2” wall counter, 34.5″w x 21″d black laminate top, white laminate sides – (4 included)
– “EV2” standalone counter, 46″w x 20″d black laminate top, silhouette lit front graphic, choice of sintra sides or graphics – (1 included)
– Arm lights – (4 included)

Accessories available, not included in kit price:
Accessory Pack :
– 3 laptop shelves
– 1 vertical LCD mount
– 1 style 1 12” x 20” accessory table
– 1 additional case (UF4825) h
– Counter shown but not included:
– 1 style 1 rectangle counter
-Other Accessories Available Not Shown:
– Plasma mounts
– Literature shelves

Solid infill walls (that do not have graphics, unless described otherwise) (Black, White or Gray sintra)
• White laminate standard for EV2 Wall Counter sides. Front may be choice of sintra colors or printed graphic.
• White laminate standard for EV2 Standalone Counter front. Sides may be choice of sintra colors or printed rigid graphic.

Graphic Details

Standard graphic sizes –  app. 113 sq. ft. total:

Panel A: 109.25″w x 11.5″h, flexible.

Panel B: 34.5″w x 92″h, rigid.

Panel C: 34.5″w x 92″h, rigid.

Panel D: 30.5″w x 40″h, standard or backlit graphic front, flexible, fabric or rigid.

Panel E: 36″w x 26.5″h, rigid. Profile cut, silhouette lit at bottom and sides.