More Than Truss

Since 1991 Trussworks has grown with more services and products to improve your client experience. The company has evolved with Midwest business ethics and customer service, making it essential for clients to rely on them. Trussworks has added many capabilities that allow clients to fulfill projects to maximize timelines.

At Trussworks, we are more than truss, we are partners!

Double-Deck Exhibit System by Trussworks

Enlarge the exhibit space and enhance your customer’s experience by incorporating the Trussworks double-deck system. The exhibit area can double in size without increasing the square footage.

Our double deck provides two levels of exhibit space captivating your customer’s attention by offering more real estate.

We have engineered our decks using premium-grade steel and an extensive build tests for peace of mind. You can choose from our pre-designed kits or a completely custom design. Either option will make your client stand out from the crowd.

LED Lighting Solutions

Trussworks has become a provider of LED lighting solutions for the exhibit industry.  We offer a full spectrum of the industry’s most acknowledged LED lighting products and services.