Lift Hauling

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The Lift Hauling design offers 2 separate decks connected by a catwalk. Excellent for overlooking large equipment or just because catwalks are cool. It has about 400 sq. ft. of deck space with 2 straight stairways and landings. 2 large counters are centered on the left and right side backwalls for meeting and evaluating new prospects. This design offers endless graphic opportunities and the 2nd level structure meanders about the space.

Lift Hauling kit includes structural truss system, stairs, wall frames, rails, deck boards, lights, ceilings, 1/4” frosted plex rail infills, unprinted sintra infills and wall panels and 7 crates. Est. weight 10,000 pounds.

Accessories shown:
– 4 small curved Hyperlite signs w/ graphic and 2 lights
– 2 EZ6 oval designer counters w/ shelf and graphics
– 4 30” diameter meeting table
– 12 curve back pack stools
– lounge furniture
– 2 9’ long EZ612 counter w/ graphics
– 2 6’ long EZ612 counter w/ graphics
– 6 large LCD mounts
– 1 additional crate
– laptop shelves
– column mount swivel LCD mounts
– column mount fixed LCD mounts
– small curved Hyperlite sign w/ graphic and 2 lights
– 4-shelf lit racks
– column mount workstations

Note: This kit has a covered area exceeding 300 sq. ft. In some venues, an after-hours fire watch will be required by the facility once the deck is installed and until it is removed.