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Since 1991, Trussworks has produced high quality  steel truss systems for the display industry. Our systems were known for their superior strength, ease and speed of assembly and of course, clean and stylish looks.

Over the years, we have added a number of product lines to our traditional systems. Every system we design adheres to the four principles which embodied our first product lines.

SPEED.. Setup and dismantle must be fast and easy and just as important, our products must be able to ship quickly, typically within a few days.

SIMPLICITY.. Narrowing down the component list without sacrificing versatility helps the user quickly understand the assembly.

STRENGTH.. Displays today quite often require mounting large monitors or hanging heavy products. We build our systems to handle that.. with the durability to last for years.

STYLE.. It’s gotta look great. After all, we are in the display industry.

Hyperlite hybrid truss / extrusion system
Debuting at Exhibitor ’09, Hyperlite marries flat truss horizontals to a round 3” extrusion with very fast tool-less connectors. Infill panels are fabric, lexan or slatwall. 
EZ6 / 612 truss display system
Our most popular system, EZ6 and the 612 Beam is our most well-rounded system. Also tool-less, EZ6 has a huge array of accessories and 40 pre-designed kits. Infill panels are fabric, lexan or slatwall. 
EZ12 collapsible truss display system
Also tool-less, EZ12 is great for longer spans to create an open feel. It packs flat, has a nice array of accessories  and 15 pre-designed kits. Infill panels are fabric, lexan or slatwall. 
Trussworks Traditional truss systems
Our flagship systems, utilizing the half-round quick connector, these have been a staple of the display industry since 1991. Works well for long spans to support graphics, lighting and A/V equipment. 
PackStuff Furniture
Finally, high quality tables and chairs that ship in flat pack cases. This furniture has become an industry staple since it’s inception in 1998. Using the highest  quality materials, you can expect years of use from this stylish and durable furniture.Pack_Stuff_Main_Page.html
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Full Service Turnkey Rentals
Trussworks rental division, aptly named Xibits, has been producing full service rental displays since 1992. Our current rental offerings are EZ6 and EZ12 kits and our service includes delivery, setup, dismantle and takeaway for one low package price!

Trussworks partners with Stylmark!

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011

Trussworks & Stylmark are excited to announce a partnership that allows Trussworks to manufacture and market STOWaway and SNAPtruss truss systems to the exhibit industry.

Double Deck Exhibit system
Our newest system, debuting at Exhibitor ’12, Our double deck system is the first deck system designed with appearance as well as strength in mind. Column infills and beam covers are a snap top install. Cool accessories, integrated walls, rail mount sign frames and easy reconfiguration make this the best double deck system on the market.

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