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EZ12 Display
Truss System

10 x 10s

Onyx - $6,380EZ12_Onyx.html
Opal - $5,312EZ12_Opal.html
Topaz - $10,223EZ12_Topaz.html
Jade - $11,088EZ12_Jade.html

Pricing includes truss system, lights, built-in counters, color tubes and cases.

Pricing does not include freestanding, A/V mounts, laptop shelves, literature shelves, product shelves or other furniture.

Click on the kit photo for more info for each kit.

EZ12 tool-less collapsible truss display system

Pre-designed kit concepts. Use these kits as is, add some accessories, reconfigure them or start from scratch. With EZ12, it’s entirely up to you..

10 x 20s

20 x 20s

Diamond - $12,322EZ12_Diamond.html
Sapphire - $10,256EZ12_Sapphire.html
Emerald - $15,693Trussworks_Home_Page.html
Ruby - $16,821EZ12_Ruby.html
Crystal 8 - $8,552EZ12_Crystal.html
Quartz 8 - $7,958EZ12_Quartz.html
Granite - $8,038EZ12_Granite.html
Flint - $6,771EZ12_Flint.html
Krypton - $7,278EZ12_Krypton.html
Slate 8 - $6,710EZ12_Slate.html
Jet - $4,723EZ12_Jet.html
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