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Double Deck
Truss System

Manufactured with Pride

in the USA


Decks - shown with one opening for a bridge or stairway. Opening can be moved to any side of any corner. Additional openings are available at a nominal cost.

DD1313-4 - $40,834DD1313-4.html
DD179-4 - $32,440DD179-4.html

Pricing includes truss system, rails, deck boards, lights, ceilings, 1/4” frosted plex rail infills and crates.

Pricing does not include column infills or graphics.

Click on the kit photo for more info for each kit.

Trussworks Double Deck Exhibit system

Mix and match decks, stairs and bridges..

        Add infills, graphics and accessories to make it yours!


Stairways and landings - can be attached at any rail opening - reversible!

DD1717-4 - $51,484DD1717-4.html
DD1817-6 - $53,344DD1817-6.html
DD1515-4 - $46,172DD1515-4.html
DD99-4 - $24,290DD99-4.html
DD2617-6 - $71,361DD2617-6.html
DD2717-8 - $73,224DD2717-8.html
DDSS41 - $15,565DDSS41.html
DDSSL41 - $24,153DDSSL41.html


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